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Madre Sierra Tribe

The Madre Sierra Tribe was born from the desire and commitment to share all the tools that have helped us on our path of transformation and elevation of consciousness, these tools have always been there as a means to reestablish the health of the human BeINg in each and every one of us. us without exception.

"Mother Sierra came through a vision,

Beautiful and Peaceful, at the same time Majestic"

Rene Fabre

Nuestra misión

Our mission

Madre Sierra is committed to the sole mission of ensuring that the Wisdom, Medicine and Culture of Ancestral Healing does not disappear.

To create conscious minds with Love and Care, fully present people, happy families, a prosperous and harmonious, peaceful and productive society.


Respectful of Nature and Loving with the


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Our vision

Among our main objectives is to share Healing of Mind, Body and Spirit, using techniques from our Ancestors in harmony with the elements of Nature and with our brothers through the different Ceremonies and treatments offered.

Join the Tribe!

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